. Tiburon Dive Charters

Call for custom dive and snorkel trips

(Corporate & Group Charters)

& weekend "specials"



Our wreck sites range from 55 ft. to 130 ft. deep for our sport divers and 140 ft. to 250 ft. for our tech diving friends.

We are known for being the wreck diving capital of the Americas.

Our reefs range from 20 ft. to 95 ft. deep, both artificial and natural.

Come join us on one of our night dives, it's a different world in the dark!

Don't forget about our U/W Photo trips

We also enjoy taking hunters out spearfishing and lobstering.

Adventure Scuba Diving specializes in training and referral diving.


Want to dive the Florida Keys?, no problem, just let us know and we'll take care of that too.

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